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New UTOPIA software version available (v1.047)
- Corrected problem with the download -

To download it, click on the link 'UTOPIA' (05/07/2009)

Software UTOPIA is now available !

Developed for the analysis of images so easily.
To download it, click on the link 'UTOPIA' (26/10/2008)


Software: AlbireoTarget Cygnus X (Ver 4.x.2008)

We encountered an error in the data provided by the program when it calculates the TCP and consequently the UTCP.

Option: Radiobiological indexes.
Function: (UTCP)

We are checking the code and in a few days it will be available the corrected version.

Note: this affects the absolute values of these indexes, but not when searching for a comparison between two competing plans (the error weighed into the same side). Are not affected by this error, earlier versions of the software. We regret any inconvenience this may have caused.

Any doubt we can discuss by post:  (10/10/2008)

New Software Albireo Target Cygnus X1 (ver 4.0.2008) available !
To download it, click on the link 'DOWNLOAD ALBIREO' (07/03/2008)

Script Pinnacle available!
Histograms export permits from the pinnacle planner to be read with Albireo.
To download it, click on the link 'MANUAL PDF' (04/03/2008)

Manual now available for the new version of Albireo Target.
To download it, click on the link 'MANUAL PDF' (02/03/2008)

There has been disabled the download of "Albireo Target" software by technical motives.
In a few days a NEW VERSION will be available. (20/02/2008)

Ver Read information of NEW VERSION.


Albireo Target Cygnus X1 (software). NEW VERSION 4.0.2008
Amplied version of Albireo Target ® (ver.
Amplied version of Albireo 1.0 ® (2004)

Albireo 1.0 ® is a computer application developed in the Medical Physics and of Radiation Oncology Department of the Regional University Carlos Haya Hospital of Malaga (Spain), and registered by the authors and the Hospital Carlos Haya Foundation (M2550888-1)

  1. To analyze and to compare 2 plannings of the same patient and to decide which of them is top in UTCP's terms ( tumour control probability without complications).
    This index, also called TARGET FUNCTION, there is obtained from the dose - volume histograms (HDV) of the CTV and of the organs at risk (OAR). This allows a radiobiological valuation of the plannings treatments, that present a narrower association with the clinical result.
  2. To calculate the Tumour Control Probability (TCP) from the HDV of the CTV's.
  3. To calculate the Normal Tissue Complication Probability (NTCP) from the HDV of the Organs at risk (OAR)
  4. For calculation of Equivalences between radiotherapic treatments in terms of Biological Equivalent Dose, TCP and theoretical NTCP.
  5. To study a compensation of treatment after a not programmed interruption.
    It allows the analysis modifying, dose for fraction, number of fractions / day, number of fractions / week and total fractions.
  6. It allows to manage a library of tissues parameters, both of tumors and of organs at risk that are those that Albireo Target uses for the calculations. These calculations are realized combining the physical information provided by the user, or the planning system, with the biological information (tissues parameters) stored in Albireo Target's library.

More Information:

Amadeo Wals (Radiation Oncologist)
José Macías (Medical Physicist)
Pilar Dorado (Medical Physicist)

Albireo 1.0 ® registered by Fundación Hospital Carlos Haya (M2550888-1)

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